Groep Heylen invests and develops to meet specific needs. Always emphasising functionality, efficiency, sustainability and added architectural value.
State of the Art.
When designing the buildings, we take all of the specific factors related to your company into account: free outside space, number and type of loading quays, indoor offices, mezzanines, cargo lifts, etc. After all, a small modification can have a great impact on the ultimate operating costs of a modern distribution centre.

When developing the buildings, we aim at “second life principles”, creating sustainable and multifunctional buildings,  that are ready from the moment they are completed for a second life after the initial occupant departs.
The buildings can be modified easily to meet changing requirements. The free space under the concrete beams is usually 12.2 m. Large spans give tenants flexibility in how they sub-divided the space. A super-flat floor increases the comfort for the user and reduces wear on rolling equipment.

The site and the buildings are compliant with the requirements for accreditation by ISPS, FM Global, TAPA FRS, etc.

A simple and watertight contract guarantees the price, so users know what their financial commitment will be over the long term. The possibility of expansion can also be included in the agreement.
Groep Heylen can, at the user’s request, invest in warehouse facilities and / or techniques and has the necessary logistics expertise to plan an ideal warehouse configuration.

If you would like to investigate the positive impact that a new, water-bound distribution centre can have on your supply chain – and especially on your supply-chain costs – let's talk. Groep Heylen has the tools necessary to show you in detail how that works.