Antwerp East Port

On a 20-hectare site 30 km east of the Port of Antwerp, Groep Heylen develops a new multimodal logistics site, to be known as Antwerp East Port. The project is primarily aimed at multinational companies looking for logistic efficiencies and functionality for their operations in Europe.

Groep Heylen’s new logistics site along the Albert Canal is ideal for water-connected logistics, import and export of goods by container or bulk.
Major companies, such as Nike, Energizer, Wilkinson, Lexmark, Casa, Estee Lauder and Bosal, already set up their European distribution and postponed-manufacturing activities in this region.

Adjacent to the Groep Heylen site, international terminal operator DP World built the container terminal.

The infrastructure and the location of this transhipment facility are giving unique added value for all Antwerp East Port users.

After all, Groep Heylen develops your tailormade building. We offer the future tennant our expertise to design the total concept, before, during and after the realization of the project.

Antwerp East Port